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Indecision at Waffle House

By Motherofthesky - Esteemed Gnat Editor

(JACKSON, MS)--A strange phenomenon is being reported to occur at a certain location of Waffle House. The Gnat has learned that on a recent trip to the Waffle House on Siwell Road in Byram, Mississippi, Jemima Butterworth of Brookline, Illinois, who was passing through on the way to New Orleans for God only knows what, became unable to make a decision on what to order for breakfast.

Flummoxed, Jemima deferred to her husband Joel to decide for her. Unfortunately, Mr. Butterworth also became stricken with a disturbing inability to make a breakfast decision.

After about 20 minutes of non-stop waffling, the Butterworths departed in a huff and drove to the nearest IHOP. Once at the IHOP, they ordered everything on the breakfast menu. However, while at the IHOP, they both experienced a strange and overwhelming urge to hop around madly and do the Hokey Pokey during the entire duration of the visit there.

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