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Bass Player Refuses to Play “Cheesy” Songs

By Motherofthesky, Esteemed Gnat Editor

(JACKSON, MS)--Leon Grumbly, the bass player in a Jackson area rock band, refuses to play songs that he determines are “cheesy.” The band, Cosmic Nutria, is composed of 5 old hippies, and performs at various venues around town, playing covers of classic rock tunes.

Recently, lead guitarist Jimi Martin, brought in a tune from the 70’s era by April Wine called Sign of the Gypsy Queen, and Leon said “I’m not going to play that. It’s cheesy.” At a practice session a few weeks later, lead singer Lisa Nicks, suggested America’s Ventura Highway, and Leon’s response was “I’m not going to play that. It’s cheesy.”

As Lisa explains “I really want to do Ventura Highway, and so do Jimi and the rest of the band. It’s a 70’s classic hit. It fits well with our repertoire and it’s a cool song. Mostly, we just love that little guitar riff."

However, Leon will not be moved to play any song he deems “cheesy” no matter what the rest of the band thinks. Therefore, in a bold move, “At every practice since the song was suggested, Jimi breaks out playing the riff to Ventura Highway and I sing ‘Chewing on a piece of grass, walking down the rooooooaaaadddd,’ the first few lines of the song, just to see the look Leon’s face,” says Lisa.

In spite of the retaliation efforts from the rest of the band, Leon’s insistence prevails, citing his rationale that rodents must stick together and “If Cosmic Nutria is going to do a song by America, it should be Muskrat Love.”

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