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Overwhelming Odors Possibly Paranormal

By Nikki Divine - Gnat Staff Writer

(JACKSON, MS)--Pete Campbell was doing what he always did on Monday evenings during football season--sitting on his sofa, eating chips, and drinking beer--when he became aware of a foul stench in the air.

"It smelled just like Jimmy," says Pete, who later contacted the Gnat to inquire about investigating the source of the odor, which lingered for several days and continued to occur each Monday night throughout football season. "I looked around almost expecting to see Jimmy sitting there drinking beer and farting, but I just saw this green cloud of smoke."

A member of the Gnat Paranormal Team investigates; Green smoke may be Jimmy’s odiferous ghost.

According to Finn O'Dhoull, our overly judgmental and unattractive Gnat Paranormal Expert, what Pete is experiencing is more than likely a paranormal occurrence. "Hauntings are usually the result of a traumatic event having taken place, which causes strong emotions that linger over time," explains Finn. "Very strong and aggressive personality types can also cause such a haunting. In this particular case, Pete’s late friend Jimmy was known to produce ungodly farts, which were quite possibly toxic, and to directly witness such a fart would indeed be considered traumatic."

When asked if he was interested in having Jimmy’s ghost exorcised by a priest, Pete happily declined, saying it's just like old times, but now he does not have to buy Jimmy’s beer.

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